For which equipment does the law make exceptions?

For the following electrical and electronic equipment the ElektroG does not apply (§ 2 paragraph 2 ElektroG):

  1. equipment that serve to ensure the essential interests of the security of the Federal Republic of Germany, including arms, munition and defense material that is only determined for military use;
  2. equipment which as part of another equipment that is excluded from or does not fall in scope of this law, is mounted in these and that can only fulfil their function especially as a component of this other equipment;
  3. filament bulbs;
  4. equipment designed to be sent into space;
  5. large-scale stationary industrial tools (§ 3 number 16 ElektroG);
  6. large-scale industrial fixed installations (§ 3 number 17 ElektroG);
  7. means of transport for persons or goods; the law does however apply to two-wheel vehicles for which type approval is not necessary;
  8. mobile machinery (§ 3 number 18 ElektroG);
  9. equipment specifically designed solely for the purposes of research and development that is only made available on a business-to-business basis;
  10. medical devices (§ 3 number 19 ElektroG) and in-vitro-diagnostics (§ 3 number 20 ElektroG), that are expected to be infective prior to end of life and active, implantable medical devices (§ 3 number 21 ElektroG).

Examples on electrical and electronic equipment that are not in scope can be found here. Furthermore you will find on the EWRN’s website more information on the exceptions of § 2 paragraph 2 number 5-8 and number 10 ElektroG at.