Examples to differentiate


Comparison of products without electrical function or without function for the end user to similar electrical and electronic equipment in scope

Products out of scope

Electrical and electronic equipment in scope
CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs (no EEE) game cartridges, cartridges (ROM)
empty cable ducts, flexible empty tubes, cables by the metre, cooker connection cables, partially assembled cables, cables with wire end ferrules cables with a plug and socket (USB cable, power cable, audio cable with cinch, etc.)
purely optical fibre cable and adapters (LWL cable and adapters, no electrical function)  optical HDMI cable (with integrated electrooptical converters) 
grounding cables, deep earth grounding equipment power rail systems (for LED spots)
cable insulation, flush-mounted switch boxes, junction boxes surface-mounted light switches, flush mounted sockets
empty control cabinets/distribution boxes (incl. DIN rails) ready-made cabinets /fuse boxes
DIN rails electrical devices (DIN rail mounting)
simple electrical elements (resistors, transistors, single LEDs, capacitors, diodes, ICs, inductors) LED lamps (with standard base), LED stripes, LED miniature street lamp (model making), antennas, additional devices for single-board computers (temperature measuring devices, mp3 players, LED traffic light modules etc.), motors for hobbyists/tinkerers, fuses
compact connection clamps (lustre terminals) renovation socket with cable 
light bulb sockets (without cable) light pendant, light pendulum
single potentiometers, AC contactors LED dimmer (surface mounted), plug-in socket dimmer for dimmable bulbs
relays, contactors self-assembly kits (e.g. including plug + socket + cable by the metre)
magnetic card (without a chip, only magnetic strip, no electrical function) chip card (with integrated circuit, e.g. chip card to control access)
RFID blocker cards (without antenna and chip) RFID blocker cards with antenna or chip
RFIDs without function for the end user, e.g. clothing/packaging with RFIDs to protect from theft: The RFIDs are to control the goods  RFIDs as transponders with a function for the end user (e.g. in/on clothing to track time or for protection measures, etc.) 
anti-static wrist bands (ESD-equipment) LED light bracelets
mobile phone/smartphone spare parts for installation (smartphone replacement displays, smartphone cameras, miniature speakers for smartphones, etc.) mobile phones, smartphones, USB charging cable for smartphones, external directional microphones for smartphones
satellite dish with LNB mount (without LNB) satellite dish with fixed LNB (not separable without destruction)

solar heat collectors (no electrical function)

photovoltaic modules

purely passive toner cartridge and printer cartridges such as ‘containers/tanks’ to hold e.g. ink, toner (no electrical function) 

toner cartridges and printer cartridges with chip, sensor or LED status display for communicating with the printer or to show the filling level

printer cartridges with integrated electrically functioning printing jets

Products out of scope (automotive parts)

Electrical and electronic equipment in scope (automotive devices)
lighting for motor vehicles (headlights, indicator lights, brake lights, number plate lighting, fog lights, xenon burners) work lights, ambient lighting, mobile magnetic lights
lighting sets for car trailers (rear lights, connecting cables for lighting) camping extension cables, jump leads; charging cables, wallboxes, charging columns for electric cars
car interior lighting retrofit LED ceiling light (mobile caravans, camping vehicles)
component parts (automotive, e.g. car relays, alternators, spark plugs, ABS sensors, airbags, multi-function display) retrofit auxiliary instruments (except speedometers), tuning devices, plug and play devices, external navigation device, bluetooth adapter, head-up display, retrofit (Android) car radio, car antennas, loudspeakers
airbag control unit diagnostic tools (OBD2, bluetooth)
Built-in basic equipment of vehicles as delivered (heated seats, rear view camera fully integrated in bumper, parking aids) Retrofit sets (reversing cameras, additional instruments, tuning devices, etc.)
car fuses other fuses (not automotive)
electric rear-view mirrors LED mirror in living area of motorhome, caravan
remote car keys, central locking, tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and sensors (also for retrofitting) products in the living area of caravans/motor homes that are also found in the private environment: refrigerators/cooling boxes, tv systems, satellite receivers, coffee machines, 12V kettles, etc.


Comparison of products that fulfill an exception according to § 2 paragraph 2 ElektroG to similar electrical and electronic equipment in scope

Products out of scope

Electrical and electronic equipment in scope

§ 2 paragraph 2 number 3 ElektroG:

filament bulbs, halogen lamps

LED lamps, energy saving lamps,
gas discharge lamps

§ 2 paragraph 2 numbers 5 und 6 ElektroG (large-scale stationary industrial tools or large-scale industrial fixed installations):

large wind power plants, stationary assembly cranes such as e.g. in container ship building

small wind turbines, by hand navigable mobile assembly cranes

§ 2 paragraph 2 number 7 ElektroG:

means of transport that require type approval, e.g. e-bikes, with pedalling support, even at speeds above 25 km/h (S-pedelecs up to 45 km/h) or motor independent of pedalling, E-skateboards, wheel chairs, mobility scooters, electric unibikes, tricylcles

two-wheeled electric bikes (pedelecs with pedalling support up to 25 km/h), hoverboards with 2 wheels, scooters with 2 wheels, children’s motorbikes, toy vehicles

§ 2 paragraph 2 number 8 ElektroG:

mobile machinery (b2b equipment with on-board electricity supply) such as fork-lift trucks, pallet trucks, street building machinery

lawnmower /vacuum cleaner robots b2c

§ 2 paragraph 2 number 9 ElektroG (research and development):

specially developed analytical device, designed and used within a university

commercially marketed serial analytical device for the pharmaceutical industry

§ 2 paragraph 2 number 10 ElektroG (infectious, implantable equipment):

implantable pace-maker

blood sugar measuring equipment (esp. with test strips)