Registering producers and authorised representatives

Registration is mandatory by law and must be actively applied for for electrical and electronic equipment, both for private (b2c), as well as for professional (b2b) utilisation. 

Below you will find out when you are required to register, how the registration procedure progresses and which obligations arise from registering.

Registration obligation

You are obliged to register if you

  • are a producer according to ElektroG and 
  • the products on offer are as electrical and electronic equipment in scope of the ElektroG.

A registration obligation means that you must be in possession of a ‘permit’ with your registration order before placing electrical and electronic equipment on the market (see What does placing on the market according to ElektroG mean?). This obligation exists for each and every producer and, in the case of authorised representation according to § 8 ElektroG, for each individual authorised representative. It is not possible to ‘collectively’ register several producers/authorised representatives.

How-to Videos

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