Product areas, regulations and rules

As a registered producer/authorised representative you have the option to participate in the creation of internal regulations by the Gemeinsame Stelle, as by registration you belong to a so-called product area. The product areas correspond to the categories of ElektroG. In accordance with the 6 categories there are therefore 6 product areas. A producer /authorised representative can therefore be allocated to several product areas if registered in types of equipment in several categories. 

Tasks and expert panels of the product areas

The necessary rules to execute the tasks of the Gemeinsame Stelle are created by the expert panels for the product areas. By regulations in the product areas, amongst others, the provisions of ElektroG regarding a uniform and neutral competition implementation are substantiated.

As a registered producer/authorised representative you can, for example, vote on rule suggestions and participate in diverse expert panels in a product area, or respectively take part in the decision on who is to be part of the expert panel.

The statutory expert panels of a product area (‘PB’) are:

Product area assembly (‘PBV‘)
All registered producers/authorised representatives of a PB are members. The PBV votes on plans for regulations. It elects a chairperson and a representative. 

Product area work group (‘PBA‘)
The PB’s projects for regulations are edited in the PBA. 

Furthermore there is a 

Cross-product work group (‘PBÜ‘)
The PBÜ is the expert panel that edits the projects for regulations that affect several product areas. The PBÜ consists of members from the 6 product area assemblies.

All votes on rule suggestions and elections take place electronically via the ear-portal. You will be informed about any votes concerning your product area, or respectively your product areas, in advance by invitation by the respective election committee. Both the procedure for regulations, as well as the procedure for elections and votes are regulated in the Joint Procedural Rules and Electoral Regulations for stiftung ear’s expert panels that you can look at on the right hand side (in German). 

Overview of the rules
ear 18-001 Types of equipment temperature exchange equipment see
ear 18-002 Types of equipment screens, monitors, and equipment containing screens having a surface greater than 100 cm2 see
ear 18-003 Types of equipment lamps  see
ear 18-004 Types of equipment equipment with any external dimension more than 50 centimetres (Large equipment) see
ear 18-005 Types of equipment equipment with no external dimension more than 50 centimetres (small equipment) see
ear 18-006 Types of equipment small IT and telecommunication equipment with no external dimension more than 50 centimetres see
ear 02-003 Data on determining the guarantee amount see
ear 03-011 Types of equipment – determining correspondence see
ear 04-001 Recording amounts placed on the market (input) see

Joint Procedural Rules (in German)

You find the adopted joint procedural rules of stiftung ear´s expert panels here