Return option

As a producer of automotive and industrial batteries you ensure your collection obligation resulting from § 5 BattG by offering the distributors of automotive and industrial batteries, or respectively the treatment facilities, a reasonable and cost-free return option for automotive and industrial batteries collected there and recover the collected waste batteries according to § 14 BattG (§ 8 section 1 BattG).

Requirement on declaration on return option

If you are applying for registration for automotive or industrial batteries, you must submit a declaration on the effected installation of a return option and the access options for those entitled to return with your offer and state how you have specifically created the return options in accordance with your registration application. Depending on your arrangement there are appropriate submission options in the ear portal for you to submit the necessary information:

  • Declaration according to § 8 section 1 BattG
    In accordance to your declaration on the reasonable and free-of-charge return option please also state among others how frequently a collection will occur, which minimum collection amounts apply, etc. In addition please submit contact data to which collection can be announced.
  • Deviating agreement according to § 8 section 2 BattG
    If you have concluded a deviating agreement according to § 8 section 2 BattG, you are obligated to describe from which legal requirements you are deviating from (for example complete waiver of return options, freedom of charge, reasonableness).

Please note especially to submit complete and up-to-date information, as your return declaration will be published in the list of registered producers and authorised agents with general access.