Voluntary collection points

As a public facility, non-profit, commerical, or other economic company you can participate voluntarily in the take back of waste portable batteries. The waste portable batteries accrued, or respectively, taken back by you must be handed over to a collection scheme that you join for at least 12 months. This connection to a collection scheme is extended by further 12 months if you do not terminate this at the latest 3 months prior to expiration of the agreed upon duration, or respectively, 3 months prior to the expiration of the minimum term. 

The collection scheme must provide to you free of charge suitable collection containers and transportation containers according to the legislation for dangerous good, as well as further packaging required according to legislation for dangerous goods. The minimum pick-up amount for a pick-up free of charge is 90 kilogrammes. Lower pick-up amounts can be agreed upon with the collection scheme. Waste portable batteries must be picked up within 15 work days. 

Should no collection scheme have submitted an offer to you for free-of-charge pick-up, then please contact the respective authorities for waste management. We will be pleased to help you at +49 911 76665-0 or respectively .