Registration is mandatory by law and must be actively applied for to be able to place portable batteries, automotive and industrial batteries on the market. Until now, an appropriate report to the German Environment Agency was sufficient. With entry into force of the new BattG is now necessary to register at stiftung ear.

You are obliged to register if you

  • are a producer according to BattG and
  • the products on offer are as batteries in scope of the BattG .

Transitional regulations

As a producer that already notified the placing of batteries on the market according to the previous legal requirements to the German Environment Agency, you must be registered newly at stiftung ear by 1st January 2022 at the latest. (§ 31 paragraph 2 BattG).

Important: This only applies if the statements made towards the German Environment Agency are correct and there have been no changes. Should, for example, the brand or type of battery, or your company data have changed, the obligation to register will be effective immediately.


There are certain limitations for the utilisation of the heavy metals cadmium and mercury. It is forbidden to place batteries on the market that contain more than 0.0005 weight percentage of mercury. It is also forbidden to place portable batteries on the market that contain more than 0.002 weight percentage of cadmium. Only in a few rare applications portable batteries are excluded from the cadmium limitation. Among these are emergency or alarm systems, emergency lighting and medical equipment. Automotive and industrial batteries are not subject to the ban on cadmium.

Below you will find out when you need to register, how the registration procedure progresses, and which obligations arise from registering.