How-to Videos

With the how-to videos, we explain the obligations according to the ElektroG, the registration process and other important topics around the WEEE number.

Do I need a WEEE registration number when I place electrical products on the German market?
If your range includes electrical products, you should watch this video and find out whether they require WEEE registration before you offer them in Germany.
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WEEE registration process: How to register your electrical product in the right category?
What is the right category for your electrical product, do you need a financial guarantee for your type of equipment and how do you provide this financial guarantee if it is required? You will find this information in the video.
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I received my WEEE (DE) registration number. What are my obligations now? 
Registering with stiftung ear gives producers permission to place electrical and electronic equipment on the market in Germany. Which obligations this entails for you or your authorised representative, you will see in the video.
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How do I get a WEEE (DE) registration number as a company that isn't based in Germany?
The video shows how you get your WEEE registration number for the German market.
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