Amount report and pick-up coordination

Amount reports

Amount reports, such as e.g. the monthly is-input-report, or respectively the annual report, are in principle free of charge.

But stiftung ear charges fees for the decision on considering or respectively crediting reported amounts when calculating the pick-up obligation according to fee-related matter number 1.17 of the list of fees in the following cases:

  • voluntarily taken-back amounts of b2c waste equipment (so-called own take-back) 
  • amount of electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market abroad that were placed on the market domestically beforehand (so-called indirect exports)

This is a sliding-scale fee. The fee in each individual case is determined according to complexity and extend of the individual case.

Set-up and pick-up order

If you as a producer are required by an administrative act to set up or respectively pick up containers, stiftung ear will charge a fee depending on the type of order according to fee-related matter number 1.15 (set-up or respectively first provision order) or respectively 1.18 (pick-up order) of the list of fees.

Further Information

You find the ElektroGBattGGebV in its legally effective version at.