Changing registration data

Should the supplied master data change after registration has been accepted you must report these changes to stiftung ear immediately. For this you use the ear-portal.

Changes that can be performed by the main contact in the ear-portal 

No fee is charged for changing the following data:

  • Change of the producer’s address (in the company’s data)
  • Change of the site of branch or respectively where the producer is situated
  • Name of the legal representative
  • Changing the main contact (in the user administration)
  • Adding a further user
  • Statement/change of the invoice address
  • Change of the method of payment
  • Change or addition to the tax reference number

The main contact person changes the listet data in the ear portal at UNTERNEHMEN in the respective category.

Changes that are possible by notification via the ear-portal

  • Change of the company name 
  • With authorised representation: Change of the name of the represented producer 

In order to initiate the change of the listed data, the main contact person notifies the change(s) in the ear portal and uploads the corresponding document as proof of the change to the company name.

If stiftung ear determines, that there are far-reaching corporate law changes a fee for checking the data according to fee-related matter number 3.1 is charged. Should only the name of the registered company change - without changes of the legal entity - the change of the companies data is free of charge.

Changes during the first registration procedure

If the data you have provided changes during the first registration procedure, please contact the responsible contact or e. As long as the first registration procedure has not been completed you cannot make any changes in the ear-portal yourself. 

Further Information

You find the ElektroGBattGGebV in its legally effective version at.