Other costs

You must make a difference between fees stiftung ear charges for such services that stiftung ear performs for you and the additional costs that are without stiftung ear’s influence and are not charged for services by stiftung ear.

Total guarantee amount/Guarantee amount

The guarantee amount is the amount that will presumably be required to ensure financing of the disposal of the waste electrical and electronic equipment after the end of its lifecycle. This is therefore a surety and not a fee that has to be paid. The surety can only be used by the public waste disposal authorities in a case of guarantee. It is never used to pay for disposal costs on insolvency of the individual producer, if the pick-up obligation is neglected, or for costs incurred within the scope of the pick-up coordination. 

Disposal costs

If you receive a pick-up order, or respectively a set-up order, you must expect that in addition to the above-mentioned fees for the administrative act, costs for the take-back, recovery and disposal of the electrical and electronic equipment will arise. These depend on the contractual agreements that you met with the disposer you commissioned.

Service provider costs

If you are using a service provider to fulfil your obligations arising from the ElektroG there will be charges due to the contracts under private law. These must be paid directly to your contract partner. The service providers are companies active on the market that are free to set their own prices. 


ElektroG and BattG are containing Fine regulations (§ 45 ElektroG and § 29 BattG) for producers or respectively authorised representatives (§ 8 ElektroG) or agents (§ 4 BattG) who do not fulfil certain obligations and thereby are acting against the regulations. Stiftung ear’s tasks do not cover the sanctioning of these administrative offences. Therefore, stiftung ear cannot give any information on the specific amount of the fines to be expected. If you have received a pre-hearing questionnaire within the scope of an administrative offence, please contact the German Environment Agency responsible for this matter.