Small hardship application (only applications submitted by 31st December 2021)

The option to be exempt from fees for checking proof of guarantee or prima facie evidence of the b2b qualities subject to a so-called small hardship application is no longer provided for in the ElektroGBattGGebV’s version valid as of 1st January 2022. Decisions will be made for all applications submitted until 31st December 2021 due to a respective transition regulation there according to the legally valid requirements until that time. 

This means especially that only such applications will be likely to be successful for which a registration base amount (b2c case) or planned amount (b2b case) was stated, that calculated for one year for the respective type of equipment, does not reach the limit value stated in attachment 2 of the ElektroGBattGGebV in the version valid until the 31st December 2021. 

Further prerequisite for remission was that the legal obligations of reporting the amount placed on the market is always submitted on time and completely, i.e. for b2c types of equipment always by the 15th of the following month and for b2b types of equipment by 30th April of the following year. Even only one belated report led to the requirements for a remission from fees ceasing and so to the application being declined. If by 31st of December 2021 you have submitted a small hardship application regarding a time period that is not already completely in the past, please note particularly that amount reports for the times in the year 2022 or further later years that are not submitted, or submitted late, can still lead to the application being denied. 

Further Information

You find the ElektroGBattGGebV in its legally effective version at.