Payment terms

You can choose between SEPA basis direct debit payment and bank transfer to settle the fee notifications you receive. You determine the method of payment when creating your user account. You will find the corresponding Task in your mailbox at „Aufgaben“.

You can change the method of payment at any time free of charge in the ear-portal. Please note hereby that the change is only valid for the future. Which payment method you have decided upon is printed on each fee notification.


You can decide to have the fees collected conveniently via SEPA basis direct debit. Please proceed as follows to do so:

  • Provide the valid IBAN for your company’s account from which stiftung ear is to collect the fees in the box method of payment in the ear portal.
  • Approve the direct debit by clicking on the corresponding checkbox.
  • You will then receive a copy of the online SEPA mandate by e-mail for your records.
  • Print out the SEPA mandate and put place, date and signature on it.
  • The fees that are to be collected via SEPA basis direct debit will be announced to the payer fourteen days prior to collection via email (prenotification).

Please check regularly whether the supplied mandate is still up to date, or respectively valid.

Please note in this context that a SEPA mandate that has not been used for more than 36 months is terminated. Your payment method will then automatically be changed to bank transfer.

Cancellation of the SEPA direct debit authorisation

Switch your payment method to bank transfer in the ear portal to cancel your SEPA mandate.

Bank transfer

You can also pay fee notifications by transferring the fees to one of stiftung ear’s accounts. You can find the account details on the fee notification. As reference in the transfer, please only fill in the fee notification and the debtor number so that we can allocate your payment.

The fee is payable 10 days after issuance of the fee notification.

Further information

You find the legal basis here.