You must observe the following steps should your company be subject to insolvency proceedings:

  • Please inform stiftung ear immediately by sending the insolvency resolution that the company is insolvent.
  • The insolvency administrator will be heard by stiftung ear whether the producer obligations will be fulfilled during the insolvency proceedings, too. Should the fulfilment of obligations not be declared, registration will be revoked and the insolvency administrator will be subject to the stated distribution prohibition according to § 6 paragraph 2 clause 2 ElektroG resp. to § 3 paragraph 3 number 1 BattG, also for operations pursuant to the insolvency proceedings process.

Special note for producers of electrical and electronic equipment:

  • As long as registration has not been revoked, all rights and obligations resulting thereof apply. Hereby included in this is, amongst others, participation in the pick-up coordination and the legal obligation to submit monthly amount reports for b2c producers. Thus, it should be reconciled between the insolvency administrator and the producer, who will be responsible for this task.


Further information

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