Fee notification

As the responsible authority stiftung ear charges the fees according to an administrative act, the so-called fee notification.

Fee notification recipient 

Recipient of the fee notification is the debitor owing fees. This can be a producer, or respectively authorised agent, but also an örE, a guarantee system or collection scheme.

The fee notification is sent electronically to the e-mail adress of the main contact stated in the ear-portal.

If a different person or office is responsible for booking the fee notifications in your company you can enter a different invoice address in the ear-portal free of charge. The different invoice recipient is merely authorised as recipient and is not the obligor.

Important: Any necessary reminders are always sent to the main contact address even if there is an existing different invoice address.

Fee notification and accounts receivable number

Each fee notification is unambiguously identifiable by its fee notification number. Should you receive several fee notifications you can identify by using the seven-digit row of numbers whether it is a multiple version due to the different communication paths or if it is fees for several services performed by stiftung ear.

Each obligor is allocated an accounts receivable number in addition to the registration number. If you have decided on ‘bank transfer’ as method of payment, you must always state the accounts receivable number in the reference line.

Advice on applicable legal remedies

It is possible to lodge an objection against the fee notification as a legal remedy. Please note that the objection against a fee notification in principle does not have a delaying effect. This means that you must pay the fee(s) in the first instance. Should the objection be successful, stiftung ear will reimburse the respective fees that have already been paid..

You need to differentiate between objection against the fee notification and disclaiming the direct debit authorisation, see.

Fee amount

The amount of a fee for a specific service can be found in appendix 1 on § 1 ElektroGBattGGebV.

Further information

The legal foundation can be found at.