Terminating registration

Registration is a permanent administrative act and not a contract. Therefore it cannot be terminated by you one-sidedly. Should you no longer require registration, for example, because you are definitely no longer placing electrical and electronic equipment on the market, please apply for revocation of the registration in the ear-portal in Details under Registration. Please inform us from when and why the registration will no longer be required (e.g. because no more electrical and electronic equipment will be placed on the market).

  • It is not possible to revoke a registration retrospectively.
  • If there is only a limited time in which no electrical and electronic equipment are placed on the market, the registration can be upheld.
  • In case of insolvency with the business terminated, the insolvency administrator must inform stiftung ear that no more electrical and electronic equipment is being placed on the market.

On announcement of the revocation order which is published in the list of registered producers and authorised representatives as the market exit date, the producer/authorised representative is no longer registered with the brand and type of equipment stated in the revoked order and therefore may no longer place electrical and electronic equipment of this brand and type of equipment on the market. 

► Important: Only after the market exit date has been published in the list of registered producers/authorised representatives by stiftung ear does the obligation to report monthly amounts resulting from registration drop. Until then you must submit the amounts placed on the market in the ear-portal every month. If no more electrical and electronic equipment is placed on the market then you state the amount of zero. If the necessary access data for the ear-portal is no longer known or in your possession, contact stiftung ear immediately.

The obligation for an annual amount report still exists after leaving the market. The annual  report must be submitted one last time by the 30th April of the year following the market exit date.