Pick-up and set-up order

If stiftung ear has determined a producer/authorised representative within the scope of pick-up coordination that is obligated to pick up a container that has been reported full by a public waste disposal authority for handover facilities and is obligated to set up an empty container, it issues a pick-up and set-up order to them. This is a sovereign order from which is visible, where and until when which container must be picked up, or respectively a new, empty container must be set up. Orders are always sent to the producer’s/authorised representative’s main contact in the ear-portal.

As the pick-up and set-up orders by stiftung ear are administrative acts it is possible to take administrative legal recourse against them. Administrative objection proceedings do not exist, it is possible to lodge a legal action. But this legal action has no ‘postponing effect‘, meaning that the orders must nevertheless be followed despite the commencement of an action and regardless of the outcome of the process. 

Pick-up and set-up orders carry a pick-up and set-up code as well as a procedure ID. Using this information the respective orders can be allocated to specific procedures. Please retain this information when inquiring about a pick-up or provision order.