Types of guarantee

Which types of guarantee are available?

You can choose freely between the following determined surety options as proof of guarantee:

  1. Suretyship for first request by a bank or credit insurer
  2. Guarantee for first request by a bank or credit insurer
  3. Deposit of money as surety (at a local court in Germany)
  4. Participation in a producer guarantee system

Surety options according to number 1 to 3 are so-called producer-individual guarantees. Hereby you as a producer/authorised representative yourself deal with obtaining proof of your insolvency safe guarantee. You can find help in the information, instructions and documents in this area. Stiftung ear’s hotline at +49 911 76665-0 or your responsible contact, see contact details here, is available to support you by telephone.

You can also provide proof of the insolvency safe guarantee by participating in a producer guarantee system (so-called collective guarantee). Hereby the producer/authorised representative ‘purchases’ the guarantee from a guarantee service provider who is active on the market.