When are guarantee amounts released?

Purely the termination of registrations does not lead to a ‘Release of guarantees’. Once your proof of guarantee has been recognised by stiftung ear it in principle must remain until the presumed average life cycle (see rule ‘Data on determination of the guarantee amount’) of the electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market in the respective guarantee validity period (GGZ) expires. Only after that point in time the guarantee amounts will be ‘released’. You can see whether guarantee amounts are released or still bound in the ear-portal at ‘Garantiegültigkeitszeitraum’ for a GGZ, look at the detail overview in the area ‘Details’. The tab Zuordnungen (allocation) will show the status ‘Garantie freigeworden’ if the presumed medium life expectancy has expired.

Applicable to individual guarantees: You can use released guarantee amounts for other purposes, i.e. you can decrease the total guarantee amount for your individual guarantee with the consent of stiftung ear or – should the guarantee fulfill the requirements of the ElektroG of 24th October 2015 – allocate the guarantee amount to a further calendar year and a further type of equipment.  

Producers/authorised representatives with a collective guarantee please get in touch with your service provider.