Proof of an insolvency safe guarantee can be provided as suretyship/guarantee on first request of a bank or credit insurer.

Below you can download a sample of a suretyship on first request for a producer, or respectively for an authorised representative. This document is in German because it has to be submitted in German.

The text of the suretyship is worded in such a way that you can use the suretyship as proof of guarantee for different calendar years, respectively for different types of equipment. 

You are free to create the suretyship wording as you would like in principle. But you are bound to the requirements that the ElektroG has towards proof of an insolvency safe guarantee. 

The sample suretyship wording is created without any limitation. As far as you would like to limit the term of the suretyship, please make sure that claims towards the suretyship in a case of guarantee (§ 34 paragraph 1 ElektroG) are possible until the end of the maximum average life cycle of the electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market in the respective calendar year (rule ‘Data on determining the guarantee amount’). Should you be aiming for a limitation of the suretyship it may become necessary to create a new producer-individual guarantee for each calendar year, which can lead to higher annual fees.

Should you be using several sureties, please make sure of a consistent name for the purpose of the surety.

Submitting the original suretyship

When the suitability of the suretyship has been confirmed by stiftung ear, please send us the original for us to keep. If your credit insurer or respectively your bank has accepted the sample suretyship without alteration, you can send the original suretyship to stiftung ear as soon as it has been issued.