New guarantee

The necessity to create a new guarantee exists,

  • if you have submitted a registration application to stiftung ear for the first time and are planning to place b2c equipment on the market, or
  • if you wish to change your previous type of guarantee proof (e.g. from a surety to deposit, or from collective to individual proof of guarantee);
  • if your previous proof of guarantee no longer fulfills the requirements of the amended ElektroG and therefore cannot be used for periods from the year 2016 (e.g. proof of guarantee based on an escrow agreement).

If you already have a sufficiently high guarantee that fulfills the requirements of the amended ElektroG, e.g.

  • deposit at a local court in Germany, suretyship
  • you have recieved documents on participation in a recognised guarantee system for the respective calendar year

edit the task ‘GGZ anlegen’ to create the guarantee validity period or ‘zugeordneten Garantiebetrag erhöhen’ to increase the allocated guarantee amount in the ear-portal.

On the following pages you can find information on the individual forms of the proof of guarantee and notes on the documents to be submitted.