Changing registration data

Should the supplied master data change after registration has been accepted you must report these changes to stiftung ear immediately. For this you use the ear-portal. 

To change following data in the ear-portal a fee according to fee-related matter number 2 is charged:

  1. Change of the company name (cannot be performed by the user himself) 
  2. Change of the producer’s address (in the company’s data)
  3. Change of the site of branch or respectively where the producer is situated
  4. Name of the legal representative
  5. With authorised representatives: Change of the name of the represented producer as well as their contact details (cannot be performed by the user himself)

To be able to change the listed data (except for items 1 and 5) the user starts a change session in the ear-portal. Please make all desired changes in one change session, as for all changes that are made in one change session there is only one fee according to fee-related matter number 2 of the list of fees. If more than one change session is started and changes are made, the aforementioned fee will be charged several times. 

Important: Should you wish to change the company name or the producer data of the represented foreign producer, please contact stiftung ear via email stating the term ‘Renaming’ and do not make any of the aforementioned fee-incurring changes in the ear-portal. 

Also please contact your responsible contact or respectively if any of your submitted data changes during the first registration procedure. As long as the first registration procedure has not been completed you cannot make any changes in the ear-portal yourself. 

There will be no fees according to fee-related matter number 2 of the list of fees for 

  1. Changing the main contact
  2. Statement/change of the invoice address
  3. Change of the method of payment
  4. Change or addition to the tax reference number
  5. Adding a further user