Fee amount

The amount of a fee for a specific service can be found in appendix 1 on § 1 ElektroGGebV.

Only the fees for the revocation of the registration and accrued fees for withdrawal or respectively denial of registration applications are determined at stiftung ear’s discretion. But they can never be above the registration fee (revocation of a registration) or respectively 75 % of the registration fee (application denied or withdrawn).

There is a difference between fixed fees and sliding-scale fees:

With fixed fees you pay the amount that the fee-related matter lists in appendix 1 on § 1 ElektroGGebV, appropriately for the service mentioned there, e.g. for registration:

No. Fee-related matter Fee in EUR
1 Registration according to § 37 paragraph 1 clause 1 or clause 2 ElektroG
per each producer, brand and type of equipment or per each authorised representative, represented producer, brand and type of equipment

Sliding-scale fees, as are charged for the assessment application or the revocation of the registration, are calculated by stiftung ear depending on the complexity and extend of the individual case. Therefore, in these cases, stiftung ear cannot communicate the exact fee amount in advance:

No. Fee related matter Fee in EUR
3 Certification of the obligation to register according to §§ 6 and 37 paragraph 37 clause 1 ElektroG
per producer and equipment or per authorised representative, represented producer and equipment
up to x.xxx,xx

The legal sales tax must be added to all fees. You can find the appropriate valid fee total at ElektroGGebV (in German) at.