Prima facie evidence

Should you be applying for registration for a b2b type of equipment (electrical and electronic equipment used in other than private households or generally not used in private households), you must submit prima facie evidence to stiftung ear why your electrical and electronic equipment has b2b characteristics. You will be given this task in the ear-portal at ‘Glaubhaftmachung abgeben’ (‘Submitting prima facie evidence’). 

In the prima facie evidence please make statements on the following questions:

  • What type of electrical and electronic equipment is it exactly that is to be placed on the market under the brand for which registration is being applied for?
  • What is the electrical and electronic equipment used for, what exactly does one do with it?
  • If applicable: How are they implemented in a system and what is there function therein?
  • Why is this type of electrcial and electronic equipment not usually found in private households?

Important: Generally, neither distribution channels nor price are decisive.

Please add brochure material, documentation and photographs of the according electrical and electronic equipment to your statement. All information must be submitted in German.

If you offer your electrical and electronic equipment commercially for purchase or use as a producer, then generally the equipment is assumed to be b2c equipment and proof of an insolvency safe guarantee is necessary.