Pick-up coordination (b2c-equipment)

Owners of waste equipment from private households may not ‘throw it away’ together with normal waste. Indeed e.g. the public waste disposal authorities, the örE, meaning the districts and independent towns, have created collection sites to which waste equipment from private households in their area may be delivered.

At these collection sites waste equipment is collected in six different groups in containers. When such a container is full the örE reports this to stiftung ear. They then calculate using a scientifically recognised calculation method, which of the producers/authorised representatives of electrical and electronic equipment from private households (b2c equipment) registered at stiftung ear is obligated to pick up the container and to set up a new, empty container.

Stiftung ear issues this producer/authorised representative two administrative orders, namely a pick-up and set-up order, from which the producer/authorised representative can see where, when and which container is to be picked up, respectively an empty container is to be set up. When the producer/authorised representative has fulfilled these obligations, the örE confirms the pick-up, or respectively set-up, towards stiftung ear. The producer/authorised representative then immediately must report the actual amount of picked up waste equipment in the ear-portal (is-output report).

ElektroG intends no exceptions for certain producer groups. Indeed, every registered b2c producer/authorised representative is obligated to pick up waste equipment throughout the Federal Republic of Germany according to the orders issued towards them. 

Generally producers/authorised representatives can not or don`t want to implement the pick up of waste equipment, nor the set up of new containers, or deal with further treatment/recovery /disposal themselves, but use third parties (disposal entities/first treatment facilities according to ElektroG). These must guarantee that

  • the fulfillment of pick-up orders for containers, as well as the setting up of new containers made available throughout the republic at handover facilities is guaranteed in time, 
  • the first treatment facility to which the picked-up waste equipment is taken is certified according to § 21 ElektroG,
  • the recycling rate for the respective category according to § 22 ElektroG is achieved and
  • all amount flow records on treatment and recovery for the primary treatment in the facility  are present and are made available to the producer/authorised representative for their report and documentation obligations.