Small IT and telecommunication equipment with no external dimension more than 50 centimetres

The following examples apply to products that are electrical and electronic equipment according to ElektroG (§ 3 number 1 ElektroG). 

Electrical and electronic equipment that can be both b2c, as well as b2b equipment

  • Printers 
  • GPS equipment
  • GPS equipment for cars (e.g. operated via plug & play)
  • Navigation devices
  • PCs 
  • Cash registers
  • Routers
  • Scanners for documents, data, barcodes
  • Telephones

Small IT and telecommunication equipment, that can be used in private households

  • Answering machines
  • Beacons
  • Smart cards 
  • CPU fans
  • Data recording equipment
  • Dongles 
  • Add-in cards for computers
  • Fax machines
  • Hard drives
  • Global finders (Paging devices)
  • Graphics cards 
  • ITK equipment with integrated solar cells
  • ITK equipment for cars (e.g. operated via plug & play)
  • Copiers
  • Mobile phones
  • Modems 
  • Motherboards 
  • PC mice
  • PC power adapters
  • PCs 
  • Phablets 
  • Processors to insert in a base
  • Radar warning equipment
  • RAMs
  • RFID protection cards (blocking cards) with chip or antenna
  • Satellite telephones
  • Servers
  • Smartphones 
  • Calculators
  • Keyboards
  • TV cards
  • USB Hubs 
  • USB Sticks 
  • USB Extension cabels
  • WLAN devices

Small IT and telecommunication equipment for use in other than private households only

  • Operating desks (meaning input keypad)
  • Small industrial PCs
  • Small medical PCs
  • Medical ITK small appliances also with MPG approval

Small ’Passive’ ITC equipment within the scope since 1st May 2019

+++++++ allocated to the respective type of equipment category 6 +++++++++

  • Antennae, exclusively for communication or IT use
  • Display port cables
  • DVI cables
  • ITK (extension) cables
  • ITK adapters, e.g. USB to Micro USB, Display port to DVI
  • LAN cables
  • Network sockets
  • Network cables
  • Telephone adapters
  • Telephone connection cables, see
  • Telephone outlet/sockets, see
  • Telephone junction boxes, see
  • USB cables

For more informationen see

Misinterpretation/Electrical and electronic equipment that does not fall into category 6

  • Large ITK equipment
  • Large printers

...are allocated to category 4.

Small equipment (with and without ITK technology):

  • Household appliances (also with smart functions)
  • Cameras (also with WLAN, GPS, etc.)
  • MP3 players
  • Radios 
  • Watches, wearables (also with additional functions, such as GPS, SIM card, WLAN, etc.)

...are allocated to category 5.

equipment containing screens having a surface greater than100 cm² : 

  • Ebook readers
  • E readers
  • Laptops 
  • Tablets 

...are allocated to category 2.

Passive small appliances (with and without ITK technology)

  • Antennae for radio / TV
  • HDMI adapters
  • HDMI cables

...are within the scope from 1st May 2019 and are allocated to category 5