Registration procedure

Before you may place batteries on the market as a producer in Germany, you, or respectively your authorised agent, must be registered at stiftung ear with the respective brand and type of battery.

The registration procedure is an administrative procedure and only begins on submission of the registration application via the ear-portal. Registration applications are checked according to the order they were received. Only after a registration application has been submitted is it possible to start the process.

Registration with brand and type of battery

Registration is carried out with a brand and a type of battery (§ 4 paragraph 1 clause 1, § 20 paragraph 1 BattG).

Should your company wish to be registered with several brands, or respectively place batteries of several brands on the market, then registration for each brand and type of battery must be applied for.

The brand is an important identification characteristic to allocate a product to a company. Brand means in principle the main label of the producer used on the respective battery. An additional subdivision special labeling derived from this main label is not necessary. At most an ‘eye-catcher brand‘ on the (front of the) product’s packaging can be regarded as brand.

You can find out which battery types exist and information on how to classify the batteries from your company correctly here.

Registration application in the ear-Portal

You apply for registration online via the ear-Portal. If you are already registered at stiftung ear as a producer of electrical and electronic equipment, you can easily apply for the required registrations for batteries using your already existing account. 

If you are only placing batteries on the market, you can submit your companies data, your authorised agent, as well as your invoice address after confirmation of opening your account as a producer according to § 2 paragraph 15 BattG. At ACTIVITIES, registrations BattG, you can then submit the required registration applications. 

  • On application you must state the brand and the type of batteries your company would like to place on the market.

Should you not be able to unambiguously determine the type of battery clearly yourself, you should upload exemplary pictures and a product description when you submit your application. Then stiftung ear will check whether the shown batteries are to be allocated to the type of battery you applied for. 

If you are sure about the type of battery on application, then neither pictures nor a product description are necessary.

  • If your company places portable batteries on the market, you also must prove your participation in a collection scheme that has been approved.
    You can find detailed information on the required participation in a collection scheme here.
  • If your company places industrial or automotive batteries on the market, you must in addition state a declaration on the successful installation of a return option and accessibility for those entitled to return on your offer. 
    You can find detailed information on the return option at.
  • If you are applying for registration as an authorised agent, you must also, in addition, state the name and contact details of the foreign producer you are representing. 

You can see the status of the procedure at any time in the ear-Portal. You will therefore not receive any additional receipt confirming your registration application. 

Registration order

Should all registration preconditions be fulfilled the applying producer/authorised agent will receive a registration order via email and/or fax and will be published as a producer, or respectively authorised agent of the represented producer with the brand and type of battery, as well as his statements on participation in an approved collection scheme, or respectively his return option in the list of producers and authorised agents registered for batteries. You will receive the registration number (Batt-Reg.-Nr. DE) with the registration order, which will also be published in the list of registered producers. 

The registration order is the ‘permission’, to place batteries of the therein stated brand and type  on the market in Germany. Therefore the registration number in the order starts with ‘DE’.

Important: If you also place electrical and electronic equipment on the market in Germany then you must apply for a separate registration . You can find more information on this topic here.