Approval of collection schemes for waste portable batteries

Stiftung ear must approve the setting up and operation of a collection scheme. In the case of a joint third party being appointed, the approval can also be issued for the third party, but always (only) with effect for the involved producers or authorised agents. Changes in the compilation of the involved producers or authorised agents therefore require an amendment of the approval. 

As a collection scheme you must prove by an independent expert that the collection rate of 50 % determined in § 16 BattG is achieved by your collection scheme. Approval is issued by stiftung ear and may only be issued if your collection scheme

  1. offers the picking up of waste portable batteries to all distributors, all örE, all treatment facilities, and all voluntary collection points free of charge;
  2. guarantees the area-wide collection of waste portable batteries for all distributors, all örE, all treatment facilities, and all voluntary collection points that took up the offer according to point 1 (so-called connected collection points);
  3. provides the connected collection points with suitable collection containers and the appropriate transportation containers according to the requirements of the legislation relating to dangerous goods, as well as further necessary packaging required by the legislation relating to dangerous goods free of charge;
  4. will pick up free of charge the waste portable batteries provided by the connected collection points, regardless of their state, type, brand, or origin within 15 work days, as soon as distributor and voluntary collection points reach a pick-up amount of 90 kilogrammes and örE and treatment facilities reach and have reported a pick-up amount of 180 kilogrammes (unless no lower pick-up amount has been agreed upon);
    when determining the pick-up amounts between the collection schemes and the connected collection points, the storage capacities of the collection point and the danger of the storage of waste portable batteries are to be considered;should a distributor not reach the required pick-up amount in one calendar year it can nevertheless demand a one-time pick-up of the taken back waste portable batteries by the collection scheme;
  5. submits the waste portable batteries collected from the connected collection point for recovery or disposal according to § 14 BattG. 

Approval of a collection scheme can also subsequently be bound to conditions that are necessary to ensure the recovery requirements are observed, or respectively, compliance with the approval prerequisites above. 

Important: Approval of a collection scheme is only valid for the producers and authorised agents involved at the time of approval. Therefore, the producers and authorised agents involved in the collection scheme are to be clearly named in the approval application. Should new producers, or respectively, authorised agents join a collection scheme, an amendment of the approval regarding this needs to be applied for. 

The approval application and transmission of related information only occurs electronically in the ear portal. Changes of details contained in the approval application, as well as the termination of business for a collection scheme must be reported to stiftung ear immediately. With collection schemes that have already been approved there will be regular checks, at the latest every 3 years, to determine whether the approval conditions are still complied with. 

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Transitional regulations

If your collection scheme was approved by the local authority before 1st of January 2021, this approval is valid no longer than 31st of december 2021. Changes of these approvals as well as orders to observe compliance with the approval prerequisites and recovery requirements will be made by the respective local authority until 31st of december 2021.