Data protection statement

We are very concerned about protecting and the safety of your personal data. Your data is protected within the legal regulations. The following data protection statement is to explain to you in detail, which information we collect during your visit to our website and which parts of this information are used and how the information is used.

Technical implementation

our webserver is run by

stiftung elektro-altgeräte register
90763 Fürth


When you surf on this or other websites belonging to the domain, you transfer data to our web server via your internet browser. The following named data between your internet browser and our web server is recorded in a logging file during the running connection for communication: 

  • date and time of request
  • name of the requested file
  • page from which the file was requested from (referrer)
  • access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
  • used web browser and used operating system
  • complete IP address of the requesting computer 
  • size of the requested file.

To ensure technical safety, especially to prevent attacks on our web server, we store this data and delete it after 24 hours at the latest. The data is purely used for this reason and used – in an anonymized form – for statistical reasons. There is no alignment/combination with other data stock, nor is information passed on to third parties.

Analysis of user behavior (web tracking systems)

We do not use any programmes to evaluate your user behaviour.


When you surf on the pages 'List of registered producers', 'Annual statistic report' (in the real and the test version), and on pages in the English version, we have set a so called session cookie to guarantee that the page is working properly. This session cookie contains an ID that is used to keep the state of usage consistent for the user. The session cookie is deleted when the browser is shut.

The survey within the Annual Statistics Report is generated by the software SurveyMonkey. Participation at the survey is voluntary. If you participate permanent cookies are put in your computer. You can find more information on this and how to deactivate the cookies at


The contact data that is given during your subscription to ear’s newsletter 'ear insight' (first name, name, email address) is used exclusively to send you this newsletter. If you do not trigger the 'activation link' to subscribe to the newsletter and when you terminate your subscription to the newsletter, the contact data is deleted. 

Information regulations/stiftung ear’s data protection official 

As a user of stiftung ear’s website you have the right according to §§ 19-20 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) at any time to receive information on the kind and extent of storage related to your visit to the website. This information is free of charge for you and is given to you when applied for as far as you are interest in. Please contact stiftung ear’s data protection official:

Mr Michael Pruß

Our data protection official will also gladly answer any further questions and give information on the topic of data protection at stiftung ear.