stiftung ear is Represented by the Managing Director

Further organs are the supervisory board, comprised of ten representatives who are executives from registered producers, and the advisory board with representatives of the producers and the distributors, the örE, the Federation and the Federal States, the waste disposal industry and environmental and consumer protection associations.

stiftung ear is divided into three departments.

Managing Director

Alexander Goldberg

Assistance: Corinna Karger

Data Protection Official: Michael Pruß


Head of Department: Dr. Andrea Menz, LL.M. (Chief Representative)

Assistance: Corinna Karger

Tasks: Admistrative law, B2C registrations, Guarantees, Hardship applications, OWi-preparation, PR/Internet presence, General information, B2B registrations, Technical allocation issues, Experts reports/Assessment of scope, Book of rules, Support of boards (regulations)

Team: Yvonne Bernhardt, Nadine Breindl, Mathias Dammer, Angelika Gugel, Katharina Hopfengärtner, Corinna Karger, Christian Kögel, Dr. Hans-Georg Purucker, Birgit Schilling, Anna Lena Scholz, Caroline Wenk, Christina Wilke, Julia Wille

Commercial Administration

Head of Department: Christian Börner

Tasks: Economic Planning, Financial Controlling, Closure/Reporting, Invoicing/Fees, Reminders/Enforcement, General Administration

Team: Melanie Hegendörfer, Manuela Hildebrandt, Konstantin Papoutsidis, Claudia Pohl, Elke Söllner

IT Processes und System

Head of Department: Markus Gascha, LL.M.

Tasks: Pick-up Coordination, Provision of Containers, Opting-out, Customer Support (Producer, örE, Distributor, Disposer, Treatment Facility Operator), Reports, IT System Support, IT Safety, Training

Team: Christian Josef Graber, Oliver Groke, Karola Schewetschek, Sabine Schuster, Stefanie Teufel, Markus Weiß